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 FAcebook hacke and cheats

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PostSubject: FAcebook hacke and cheats   Wed 8 Feb - 14:54

what we need:

1.CheatEngine5.5(CE) (go to to download)
2.flash player 9 (dun kasi based ang mga hex address na gamit) (go to to download)
3. firefox

NOTE: for this hacks we will commonly use these settings for CE, check
HEX , choose Exact value on scan type, choose 8BYTES on value type , and
(except for FARMVILLE, read next note)

FARMVILLE NOTE: setting on CE, check HEX, on value type choose ARRAY OF BYTES (AOB) thats it.


syempre sa unang hinahanapan ng cheats/hacks na mahirap tlagang hanapan ang FARMVILLE:



1.sign in to facebook and open farmville CE click the computer icon then target firefox
3.on CE tick HEX then AOB
this on value: d2 24 00 0d ?? 00 00 d0 60 ?? ?? 2c ?? ?? 2c ?? ?? 62 ??
62 ?? 56 02 46 ?? ?? 03 4f ?? ?? 01 5d ?? ?? 62 ?? 4f ?? ?? 01 5d ?? ??
60 ?? ?? 4f ?? ?? 01 5e ?? ?? 60 ?? ?? 46 ?? ?? 00 68 then click FIRST
5.on left side of CE 1 address returned, double click on it, it should now be on the bottom part of CE
6.ok heres the trick part read it carefully!
the bottom of CE double click the VALUE of the adress we just put there
so the value is same as the value on step 5 now here are the only value
we will edit

Quote :
erase the first 4 values which are (d2 24 00 0d) then replace it
with the value (10) now on the last part put any of these between the
value (00 68)
2D 03 A1 <- 2-4 Hour Plants. (TIME OF SEED TO BE HARVESTED)
2D 53 A0 <- 6-11 Hour Plants.. (TIME OF SEED TO BE HARVESTED)
2D 47 A0 <- 3-4days up(TIME OF SEED TO BE HARVESTED)

example of scanned values:
Quote :
d2 24 00 0d 18 00 00 d0 60 00 00 2c a1 20 2c 4e 2d 00 68

example of edited values:
Quote :
10 18 00 00 d0 60 00 00 2c a1 20 2c 4e 2d 00 2D 03 A1 68

on the example the value 25 e8 07 is the 5th-7th and the last 3 value we changed

now try to plow a land and you will notice a +100 coins when done!



1.hehe see my attachment, download and extract it then open it
2.log in ti facebook and go to restaurant city
3.after loading, on PIAPI check all the box then target firefox then click PATCH

NOTES: STAMINA, COOKING, COSTUMER are working but not the WORKERS so this what you need to do (see below)


instruction: RC5.1 on attachment
2.extract and open RC5.1 then open it CE, click HEX, 8bytes, ASROM for this value :000000808B110FF2
5.two adress returned, get the address of the first then paste it in RC5.1
6.on RC5.1 click the FAST1 tab then on WORK paste the first address on the first box then the second address on the second box GET CODE then on the bottom of RC5.1 copy the generated code
8.back to CE, on the bottom of it, where there is a big box, right click on it then click PASTE
will appear, check the box of SS WAITER/CLEANER ADDRESS 1 and SS
WAITER/CLEANER ADDRESS 1 now see your worker and cleaner move fast!


1.Go hire a friend. If you have max staff already, just try to hire and ignore the popup message
2.In CE, tick hex, 8bytes, ASROM
3.scan this value: F18B0000010E8F0F
4.1 address will be found, then on the left side of CE right click the address then click DISASSEMBLE THIS REGION
5.after that a pop up tab will appear just double click the highlighted value then change "jg" into "jmp" ok then star hiring again . . after you hire as many as you want save it so it will not crash


1. Gain exp by serving a customer.
2. In CE, tick hex, 8byes, ASROM and scan "FFFFFFB8D02A0FF2"
3. 1 address returned. Disassemble it.
4. Change the NEXT LINE 'mov eax,FFFFFFFF' to 'mov eax, 00004e20' (4e20 =4000) change to whichever number you want
5. Now watch as your exp gains 4000 per dish. Level up to 32 fast!

download links:



No Sacrifice No Victory
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FAcebook hacke and cheats
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